Season Clash 4 - Day 2 results

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    Dear friends!

    The second day of Season Clash 4 is over, but we're still overtaken by emotions from the games!

    We congratulate "Воины кебаба", as they've achieved victories and would fight for Grand Finale slot tomorrow.
    Tomorrow, starting from 10:30 by CET time Креативные кругляшки,10fps, Risky Brothers, OVERRATED Team, Golden Guys would continue to fight for glory.

    Sadly, Импровизация, Золоті шаблі, 2R, Crips, Inglorious Basterds, RAMPAGE, IronBat, asap pls dont smoke and Prost0Team, have already left the Season Clash 4.

    Don't miss your chance! In order to commemorate first team-based Season Clash 4 tournament we've made a sale on our official website with meaningful name "Slash the prices!". Hooray!

    Visit our official website, where you can purchase a game with huge discount. You may get the base game with -50% discount, or complete "Cossacks 3 Experience" bundle with -65% discount
    Take haste, as we can't hold them much longer. "Slash the prices" would last until the Season Clash 4 is over - starting from 14-th of May until 20-th of May.
    Hurry up, that is great opportunity for you to start your Cossacker life or to make an unforgettable present for your friend!

    You may find the schedule and details about Season Clash 4 by following this link:
    You may find the tournament grid by following the next link:

    You may watch the games live on our channels:

    Have a good day!
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