Sergiy Grygorovych Playing cossacks 3 and we here playing with what??

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by finalfantasy1st, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

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  2. Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Active Member

    That looks freaky. Ukraine has Spanish barracks and an Austrian town hall ( might be a church, not sure )? I doubt he is playing :)
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  3. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

    no, the beta version is about to release... I want to test the game because I'm a cossack player from 1999... Now I must test cossack 3 like sergiy :'( :'(
  4. arpe

    arpe Active Member

    I want test, play and buy the game :)
  5. RageInFame

    RageInFame New Member

    I thinke the beta will be released tomorrow or at the 5th of March. So they have sometime to work on the final game...
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  6. Ragnaer

    Ragnaer Member

    would be nice
  7. Tsuki

    Tsuki Active Member

    i really want to play right now ! :) oh wait i am playing cossacks right now :D take that devs xD european wars ukraine campaing forever
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  8. condor_fly

    condor_fly Administrator Staff Member

    Yeh, that's my favorite campaign:rolleyes:
  9. Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Active Member

    Still not released. I still hope they`re delaying it to add cannon crews.
  10. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

    it will be nice ... cannon crews add beauty to the game
  11. Darkneed

    Darkneed New Member

    this game will be beautiful
  12. Sageboba

    Sageboba Member

    Well, now that the beta has actually been announced we know that you weren't that wrong. Lol.
  13. incognitamus

    incognitamus New Member

    Just be patient. It's coming soon! Anyway we (maybe just me) waited for GTA V on PC for one and half year and it became 10x better than on other platforms.
    My point is: More they work on it more playable it will be!
  14. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

    It's a beautiful game... There is no strategy games you can comparing with it
  15. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

    Lol, yes they finally announced the beta version... I hope they will select me
  16. finalfantasy1st

    finalfantasy1st Active Member

    Yes, you are correct, but we got angry becouse they didn't told us what's happening
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