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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Monsieur Jompe, Sep 28, 2016.

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    A big one here - all 17c Musketeers now have a melee attack. This currently works well for Netherlands/generic but looks a bit odd for austrian muskets/strelets as I've yet to work out how to get the animations to fit well, as their .aaf file contains fewer animations.

    To reflect their historical use, Those used by France/Britain/Sweden/Prussia/Holland etc have higher melee damage and are a little more able to fight independently of pikes, while Spain/Austrian muskets have a lower attack. 17c Musket creation time is also now less than that of pikes, mirroring the 2:1 ratio of guns to pikes common during the English Civil War.

    To install, drop the folders into Cossacks/data. If anyone knows how to work the animation files better than I can, the next update will fix Austrian anims and add a melee attack to Dragoons (giving them a melee attack results in a huge graphical glitch that makes the game impossible to play, at present).

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  2. thank you, it looks very good, but may I friendly suggest a thread of its own with a changelog or something? The mod archive doesn't even have a short readme and assuming this small mod becomes more and more of a thing users would need to flick through countless comments to see what it contains.

    I would do it myself but that feels like appropriation of somebody else's work and makes little sense. ;)
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    Hi. I think it's better if you set the advantage of objbase.weapon[].dispertion variable based on specific unit type because a bit difference in damage is now less important in the battle. For eg: English highlander shoot have lower dispertion (more shooting effective) than musketeer/grenader but less melee damage, .... It will let players have more options to choice unit for combat :)
  4. Francesco_Cavalli

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    As far as I can tell, that dispersion value has no effect on the accuracy, it's all decided in the weapons.script, which means that all units have the same accuracy - I may be wrong however? Those values are left over from my first experiements
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