Some shooters , some muskets , some sabres.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Aistis1990, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    Hello everybody ;) Since this place is for suggestion I have few suggestions of my own.

    Prologue : I've been playing Cossacks since It's release all versions of this game and since dev team is active and this project is still going on that's what i would suggest as a standard basis.

    Slashing / piercing weapons : Damage and Defence.

    ATM the'res just Algerian , Turkish light infantry and Austrian Roundshiers that are using slashing attacks even though they're using swords like many other units.

    1. All sword units shouldn't get Slashing attacks instead of piercing? or should it dependent of their attack type?

    1. Reiter's attack animation looks if they are stabing their targets , So It's ok to have piercing attack.
    2. Peasants in C1 Had shasling attacks , here they have similar animation but they got piercing attack. (Piercing->Slashing)
    3. Cavalry Guard (Saxony) , Hekkapaliitta (Sweden) , Reiter (Sweden) , Reiter. They have stabbing attack animations so it's ok having them pike attack.
    4. Vityaz (Russia) , Sich Cossack (Ukraine) , Hetman (Ukraine) , Light Cavalry (Poland) , Hussars (Prussia) , Hussars , Croat ( Austria) , Cuirasiers. They are using slashing attacks they are using swords but still they do pike attack. Why?
    Here's an example :

    Same with Diplo Cossacks. They are hitting with swords , slashing enemies and they do pike attack. So wtf? I understand that Pike attack goes for units like : Winged Hussar (Poland) , Spakh (Turkey ) , Mameluke (Algeria) , Don Cossack (Russia) , Register Cossack (Ukraine) .

    Please at least consider this issue , because it looks like a bug or gives no logic at all.

    Another thing : Austrian Pandour creation speed is 18.75 And their description says : one of best ranged infantry. They have 85 HP , 52 Shooting power. They were a lot better than Highlander (England) , Chasseur ( France) , now After update Chasseur got increased range of fire and their creation speed by a bit. but when I did testings : before Austrian pandour would beat Chasseurs , Highlanders with ease. Now Chasseurs (France) beats , any ranged units. Im not saying that something is wrong with them. But Pandours for Austria looks forgotten. They got increased their reloading speed , but they had no range of fire added , no creation speed. So still this unit awaits for some improvements :) That's what I think.
  2. Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Active Member

    C1 was like that. Maybe they`d change unit attacks someday. You can change them yourself but multiplayer goes down the drain.

    Reiters historically wore pistols and broadswords, they`d fire their pistols at close range or in caracole and once the infantry line has disintegrated, they`d charge with broadswords. The 16-18c broadsword was heavy and made for slashing with balance to the front of the blade, the back fo the blade was thick and not sharpened so they don`t brake easily when they hit armor and have better capacity against the former. Due to the balance design, they were not that good for piercing attacks although they could do such, a rapier was much better suited for this. The swords were heavy enough to deliver blunt traumas to an armored enemy (slashing would be highly unlikely to do anything to the armor besides bending it a little). Cavalry Guards also used broadswords (about every country had that type of medium to heavy cavalry). As noted, the broadsword was better suited to cover a wider spectrum of enemies as you could get away against both armoured and bare opponents. A sabre, on the other hand, such as those worn by hussars, dragoons and scimitars often used by turkish troops, is a poor weapon for armoured warfare. A very poor one indeed as piercing is very hard to execute and balance is strictly to the front. So light cavalry had issues against armoured cavalry and was one of the reasons for the later emergence of the Uhlans.

    Chasseurs I don`t mind being strongest of the light infantry. France was leading the world of weapons back in those ages up to Napoleon`s era and most innovations came from workshops in France and Switzerland.

    I did suggest that in another thread, but damage types need to be fixed and units to be differentiated to make the game tactically interesting, now it is not so much. C1 million games were just a bunch of danish musketeers sent against another bunch of danish musketeers and whoever produced more, usually won.

    If most cavalry is changed to sword (well, except those wielding lances), armor gives more protection against it and infantry is differentiated, that said - musketeers having lower melee attack but good shot, grenadiers very strong in melee but weaker shot, light shooters extra range and damage but no bayonet - that could make the game very interesting from tactical perspective. I also very much preferred the fix in Imperia where shoters were unable to shoot through other units in front of them, that made it many times more interesting as you needed muskets on the flanks, cavalry behind them and mostly melee infantry in the center so battle took a very different shape.
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  3. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    Since this is arcade game Friendly fire might f*ck up this game :D ... Still I don't mind that French Chasseurs now are awesome , but if we compare it to Austrian Pandours it's a tragedy.
  4. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    Damage from friendly fire would set this game way apart from any and all references to arcade games and FPS games.

    ANY change towards what we have in C2 BFE as to morale and rank firing would be most welcome to me.
  5. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

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  6. Aistis1990

    Aistis1990 Active Member

    The main reason is that they cut with swords and it does say : pike attack. And some units gets lots of sword attack defence while highest attack value is 14? By merc light infantry from diplo. So lets make all melee attack then the same and thats it. Or please sort it out and give hussars , cuirasiers sword attacks and leave pike for lancer cavalry lol
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