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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Fimti, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Fimti

    Fimti New Member


    I made a mod with standard bearers.

    • There are 12 different banners, one for each nation.
    • Your nation banner can be built in the church.
    • Their stats and abillities are exactly the same as the priests, so they won't disrupt the balance of the game. (you can change it if you like in unit.script file).
    • They can form line formations with big spacing and 2-14 units. This makes it easy to line them up with other troops formations.

    • I have added a downloadable photoshop file with all the different bodyparts of the flagman separated into layers, so you easily can change the texture.
    The models are all the same I just changed the texture because the tools to edit the models have not been released yet.

    I'm just leaving the mod here for you guys to use however you like! You can use it in your own mods, edit it to your liking or just use it as a guide to add your own units to the game - by looking for "flagman" in the mods .txt files.


    1. This mod disables the production of the Austrian priest, because we are having problems with the maxmember limit which can't exceed 64 different units or else the campaign gets unplayable.
    2. The mod hasn't been extensively tested nor multiplayer tested - so bugs might occur.
    3. This mod overwrites the english unit.txt/lng file (data\locale\en)

    DOWNLOAD LINK: (Updated 2016-10-19)

    To install: Extract the BannerMOD zip file into (Steam\steamapps\common\Cossacks 3) directory and then run "Setup BannerMOD.exe" and type "install BannerMOD". There you go! the mod is installed without harming any mods you may already have installed. - Thanks to Lieutenant-Général Text-Mod-Manager

    To save a photoshop file as .DDS you need an addon from Nvidia:

    I know some flags are not historically correct! But it's ok to comment on it - always nice to learn something new.

    Example: The french flag tricolour was not truly the flag by that time, but the flag of the Bourbon looks terrible on such a low resolution texture.

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  2. Gambler71

    Gambler71 New Member

    This is almost the exact same problem I had when implementing "A. Soldier's" new building ... here is his mod ... I am post #4.

    I never resolved the problem, and cannot use his wonderful Blockhouse.
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  3. Hugojackson18

    Hugojackson18 Member

    Nice work! Did you use an existing 3d model from the game or did you create it from scratch?
  4. Fimti

    Fimti New Member

    I used an existing 3D model. There are 4 models that are only used in the campaign: Standard bearer, General, Merchant and a donkey(packhorse).
  5. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Yes I easy just about to say that, but I don't think it happens in single player and didn't know it only happened to Austria.

    They were the only nation available in the old game's demo and has the only peasant in the originals section in the editor. It's really weird.
  6. Fimti

    Fimti New Member

    "Requires upgrade: misc|%com%".

    The problem disappears if I remove another unit from Austria. Infantry or cavalry doesn't matter - tested removing either priest, pikeman18 and hussar.
    So there seems to be a unit/object/actor limit of 56 or the upgrade list has some kind of limit.
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  7. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Unit limit, that's right, Austria has the most units in game, and most of the limits are defined in, maybe the answer is there.
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  8. Ebel

    Ebel Moderator Staff Member

    First of all, very nice work on the flagbearers.

    On topic, look into:
    Cossacks 3\data\scripts\
       gc_country_maxmembers = 64;
       gc_country_maxupgradecount = 256;
       gc_country_maxaccesscontrol = gc_country_maxmembers+gc_country_maxupgradecount;
       gc_country_maxaccesscontrolreqs = 8;
       gc_country_maxfixedproduce = 16; // pea, cen, sta, tem, dip, bar, art, ba2, mil, por, wwa, swa
       gc_country_maxupgradeplace = 16; // cen, bla, sta, aca, bar, art, ba2, mil, por, wwa, swa
       gc_country_fixedproduce_maxcount = 24;
       gc_country_upgradeplace_maxcount = 80;
       gc_country_maxofficers = 15;
       gc_country_maxformationcount = 3;
       gc_country_maxformationunitcount = 12;
       gc_country_maxofficersformationmask = 50;
       gc_country_maxprivatcount = 32;
       gc_country_maxunitlock = 8;
       gc_country_upgradelinks_maxcount = 2;
    If the problem is only with austria (i havent tried your mods yet or looked at them), then the first thing that comes to mind is, Austria has more units than other nations (roundshier, croat,...) by default. So if i had to take a stab at it, I'd look at gc_country_maxfixedproduce first. Increase it, see what happens, if it doesn't work, try another value in the list above. ( gc_country_fixedproduce_maxcount,gc_country_maxmembers,..)
  9. Setakat

    Setakat Member

    There's a limit on the number of members you can have per nation - 64. Going though the scripts, it looks like Austria has a grand total of 62 members (counted twice, but might have miscounted). Its pretty close to the 64 limit, so theres a chance that somethings overflowing somewhere.
    Try going into dmglobal.script, search for 'gc_country_maxmembers' and change its value to 128, see what that does.

    *edit* Can confirm that adding one extra unit to Austria causes this. Hopefully this limit will get raised in a future patch. If the post I saw about the 18thc Ships coming in a later patch/DLC is true, this limit will be raised.
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  10. Fimti

    Fimti New Member


    Line 677: gc_country_maxmembers = 64;

    Increased it to 128 and the problem is gooone :D

  11. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    So scratch one problem down, I knew where it was once you mentioned limit.

    Something like magically appeared in my head.

    I'll have to update my topic now with the new info. Thanks.
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  12. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Alright, a few things to report.

    Firstly, when I went into an MP game against 3 Impossible AI, I queued up 5 flag bearers but instead only 2 Priests came out, after which the host crashed/disconnected. After a second attempt at the game (same host) he crashed without me making flag bearers so I think it was him, and not me. I haven't made any further attempts after that.

    As for the arrow for the standard bearer's formation, I believe a line of code is missed somewhere in country.script or something, my friend General WVPM can take a look at it when he's feeling a bit better since he's sick right now sadly. He made skirmisher formations that didn't require any officers or anything, think the British Riflemen in Green during the Napoleonic Era skirmishing, spread out formation to evade loses from cannon fire and so forth, was pretty brilliant on his part, I gotta admit, and it's a nice addition to Highlanders, Pandurs and the French hunters.

    Currently trying to add each country's respective standard bearer for the formations but I'm getting a bit confused on how to do it, or I'm just lazy maybe, Idk.

    Just one question, how and where did you add the healing ability to the Standard bearer? I can't find it anywhere in the code, or is it the upgrade pack in country.script.
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  13. Fimti

    Fimti New Member

    it's in the unit.script file.

    SetObjBaseWeapon(objprop, objbase, 0, 5*4, 0, 0, 400{300}, 0, 70000, gc_obj_weapon_kind_heal, True);

    and you might also wanna add:
    objprop.bpriest := True;

    But i also had to assign an attack animation to the standard bearer for it to work. I just copied the priests .AAF animation values to the standard bearer and replaced all the coordinates with the standard bearers idle motion.

    i've tried to add the healing function to a building, but couldn't make it work :(
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  14. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    So if I take it out, do I also need to fiddle with the animation or I can just leave it in?

    I just wanna add them to the formations as a 3rd officer like I said, think of like a drummer, I'm planning for him to give a boost to morale later if and when we add that as well, like in American Conquest.
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  15. Fimti

    Fimti New Member

    Probably don't have to fiddle with animation if you remove the healing abillity. But in case you get problems you can just copy & paste the original "misflagman" animation values to the standard bearer.
  16. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Alright thanks.
  17. Francesco_Cavalli

    Francesco_Cavalli Active Member

    Hi Fimti,

    Have you tried scaling up the size of the whole flag file to enable a higher resultion? In AOE3, provided the scale was the same, one could increase the textures from 32x32 pixels to anything provided it was proportional, and thus have better resolution textures.
  18. Gambler71

    Gambler71 New Member

    I think it would be wonderful if a flag bearer gave the squad another 5% max health or something. Sorta like a moral boost.
  19. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    I think it would present a balance issue at the moment, believe me, you wouldn't want 400 Prussian Musketeers in a formation to have 5% more health or people would whine even more about them.

    Think of flag bearers as just another drummer, adding coolness and immersion to the formations, for now.
  20. Fimti

    Fimti New Member

    Thanks for the tip!
    Tried to double the texture resolution from 512 to 1028 and it works ;) but the flag itself is still quite small in size, so it is difficult to see any details. I started editing the 3d model to make the flag bigger, but there are no tools yet to convert 3d model files to .OSS format.

    Ja something like that would be cool :) .. but i'm not very skilled at scripting, so it would be easier if someone else tried to experiment with it.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2016
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