State of Balance in Cossack Annihilation and Outlook

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Wralth, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Hi, it's been a while since i posted about my mod and while im still not done with the Piemonte update due to being overall busy with work and waiting for vanilla fixes for my already existing bugs with the engine id like to mention a couple other things i plan to put into the upcoming update.

    If youve ever talked to me about my mod i must have probably mentioned that i really dont like the current state cannons and artillery in general are in. Cannons themselves serve as an invincible army once you have a certain mass due to their canister shots and their insanely long range. Howitzers seem to be in a decent spot right now so there isnt too much to say.

    However, multibarrels were always a strange one. Youd not have much incentive to spam them, yet a couple hundred multibarrels would be able to chew up any melee army youd send against them with minimal casualties, so that also has to change.

    Mortars have been incredibly weak for a while now, forcing the player to bring a couple hundred of them to take out even just simple buildings. I dont like them and i still dont know what to do with them.

    With these thoughts out of the way id like to outline the changes i have in mind for artillery:

    #1 Complete removal of canister shots: One reason cannons and multibarrels are so unapproachable was due to how canister works. Reworking the system wont help because its an unhealthy weapon for balance no matter how you go about it. So instead of nerfing it into the ground i want to remove grapeshot damage completely and put it on other units (basically shotgun units like canistroni, towers, and since i now have an unused ranged damage type, arquebusiers)
    This will also mean that armor rebalances are gonna be happening since grapeshot will now be similar to regular gunfire, maybe more effective against clothes and a bit less effective against armor than guns.

    #2 Overall cannon nerf: I think the way cannons can DPS right now from so far away is way too hard to deal with, even hussars get absolutely decimated when charging into autoaiming cannons that its not even funny at this point. So while i will not take away their damage, i WILL nerf their shot cost and reload time by a huge amount. At the same time these changes will lead into the possibility of giving nations a few artillery upgradepaths, though thats not my current focus on the matter.

    #3 Multibarrels will become low ranged cannons: Think about 700 ranged cannons, similar to how mangonels/onagers work in age of empires. That is a decent range but ultimately gets trumped by longer ranged units like 18thc muskets, pandurs and archers. This means that multibarrels will have an explosive projectile from now on and decent DPS but make up for it with being medium ranged.

    #4 Removal of mortars: With Cossack Annihilation all units are now able to take down buildings, so having a dedicated unit for just that, coupled with obnoxious range, has absolutely no valid reason and i dont really think i currently have any idea what to do with the unit model, since its so simple.

    #5 Building rebalance: Ive mentioned it earlier, but currently with all units attacking buildings some are just simply much better than others (musketeers oneshotting barracks OMEGALUL), so yeah ill rework that aspect as well to make the game less cheesy in these departments. Muskets wont be as weak against buildings as archers are in AoE 2, but itll take more time to destroy a building with 400 muskets than 400 melee units that have to walk into range before doing damage.
  2. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Ive stopped developing my mod for the last couple months and have now returned to bring the aforementioned update. All the important units are done in terms of reskinning and now i just need to iron out some coding
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