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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ftoomsh, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    I have released this mod to those on my Steam friends list. It is exactly what it says, a testbed and experimental mod. Having said that, it is basically OCMOD3 with Cavalli's musket ball system. There are a few changes. Cavalli's system has been slightly modified. This test mod has also been rebalanced to suit the new firing system. It is not a finished mod. The musket ball physics are not giving the full results I want.

    Some Differences and Balancing

    1. 17th C muskets now need blacksmith and academy to be built.

    2. Once you can build 17th C muskets they build in 3.5 seconds whereas 17th C pikes still build in 4.5 seconds.
    17th C drags also build a bit faster.

    3. The new firing system means muskets cannot fire through friendly troops. Muskets have more range but less accuracy.

    4. Two of the musket upgrades are different. Barracks attack upgrades are for accuracy in 17th C.
    Academy firepower upgrades are now for range. I have fixed the the tool-tip messages, in English only.

    5. 17th C Musket upgrades are made cheaper. 17th C muskets also use less coal and iron when firing.

    6. Early tests seem to indicate you will need some cold steel in 17th C. Pure muskets and drags is very challenging to handle.

    7. The 18th C muskets and grenadiers need and use the bayonet more. Make sure you get barracks attack and defense upgrades for them. Make sure you get the bayonet upgrades. They are now more important.

    Early game testing shows that 17th C muskets are struggling to achieve enough kills in-game. The problem seems to be with collision detection at higher unit numbers. Some collisions, of musket ball with soldier, seem not to be detected by the game engine at higher unit numbers. This appears to be the only explanation for the poor performance of muskets when there are a lot of units in confused fighting situations.

    Somehow, the results of the accuracy upgrades (giving higher accuracy) test well in the in-game editor for single clashes but then do not test well in mass clashes in the in-game editor nor in real games. In these latter situations, one manifestation of it is seeing a whole formation that can't hit a lone enemy unit at mid-range even though they can hit units in a formation. I remember seeing this problem in Cavalli's mod too. I have changed extra parameters to assist the collision detection but have not achieved much improvement. Something odd is going on in the scripts or in the engine. I will keep looking at it when I get time.

    It may be that a delay I put in to try to help the engine detect collisions is actually causing the muskets to fail to lead moving targets.

    One thing with putting this experimental mod up is that friends can look at the code if they wish. Redundant code has not been removed by the way. An example is General WVPMs range damage system and headshot formulas which now don't affect the musket weapon. I've left unused code in for the moment in case I change how I approach things.

    I would welcome any suggestions on how to improve accuracy.

    I found how to create misfiring muskets that kill their users too, lol. Just code a damage radius of the PPOINTT2 projectile that is too big. It doesn't seem to need any damage radius at all for normal use and damage radius does not seem to help kill rate.
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  2. Pls make non only DRM edition mods,
    and when STEAM die or simple C3 project will be deleted here - your mod will be live...
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  3. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    There have been a few changes to this project since I posted this. The main change is that the project is on hold because I cannot create or simulate ranked fire (fire by rank). All my tests show that the Cavalli projectile really needs ranked fire to make it viable. I await input from Cavalli to help solve this issue if possible. He seems to be away at the moment.
  4. Hansol333

    Hansol333 Active Member

    one question how did you increase the attack range of muskets?

    I tried to do so but it did not increase the search radius. if I give them more search they run towards enemies without firing.
  5. Ftoomsh

    Ftoomsh Well-Known Member

    Attack range was added by using the range upgrade from the cannon and adding it to the shooters in academy upgrades as follows;

    _country_AddUpgradeWithAccessControl(country, upgplace+'.12', 1, gc_upg_tooltiptype_none, gc_upg_type_attrangeperc, 10, cTrue, 500, 3, 2, ind, 0, 0, 0, 3000, 1000, 0, bAddIfNotExist, parr, True, csid+'bla', '', '', '', '', '', '', '');
    for k:=0 to cMaxUnitsArr-1 do _country_AddUpgradeSArrParam2MemberIfExists(country, ind-1, sarrUnitsShooters[k]);

    Ignore the "parr' variable and some attendant syntax changes. Those come from General WVPM's Flexible Formations and Reloads framework and serve other purposes.

    Now, I was using the Cavalli musket projectile modeled on the cannon projectile so that may be why the upgrades worked and gave extra range.

    I did not do anything fancy with the search radius other than increase it so it was nearly as large as their final range after all range upgrades. If I hadn't abandoned this test mod, I might have looked at doing something fancier with the search radius. I abandoned this test mod because I could not fix certain problems with the new musket projectile and Cavalli has also abandoned work on these issues as far as I know.
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