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Discussion in 'Modding' started by Lieutenant-Général, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. HerrGeneral

    HerrGeneral New Member

  2. Lieutenant-Général

    Lieutenant-Général Active Member

    You have to put the ".json" file of all mods directly in "cossacks3/mod" folder.

    "cossacks3/mod/bestmodever.json" and not "cossacks3/mod/bestmodever/bestmodever.json"
  3. HerrGeneral

    HerrGeneral New Member

    Thank you!
  4. StriKe jk

    StriKe jk Member

    I have a good idea how to advance this mod manager.

    Right now we have the problem that we have two different mod managers (official and unofficial).
    This means that we have to develop mods for both mod managers, which is quite annoying.
    Also with the official mod manager we have the problem that we can not add multiple mods who edit the same file.
    However these problems can be fixed with a neat little trick involving this mod manager.

    Can you make it possible that this mod manager has an option to export modded files?
    All it needs to do is to install the mods like it already does and then export the now edited original files, these files can then be used with the original mod manager.
    That way we can install multiple mods who normally edit the same file with the original mod manager.
    Also we can use these "compiled" mods to upload them for people who have only access to the original mod manager.
    It would also be much easier to have an updated compiled mod because as soon as the original file changes (or the mod file) we can just export a new compiled mod file with a simple press of a button.

    Let me hear what you think about it :)
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  5. yquinox

    yquinox Member

    I was working with my friend on another mod manager in Ruby, that can replace blocks of multiple lines (e.g. whole pikeman stats in unit.script) instead of need to cut them to very small pieces and with possibility co do comments. Also that mod manager creates new moded files (could be insert in "mods"). But for now we have stoped working on it because of no time and my personal frustration of keeping my large mod actual with every new path. But i think, that it is possible to do what you want.
  6. StriKe jk

    StriKe jk Member

    That sounds nice, I would appreciate such a tool. But there is no need to hurry for me, especially not in the christmas & new year holidays :)
  7. Lieutenant-Général

    Lieutenant-Général Active Member

    Good idea, but i am an alternative : in next update, unofficial manager will not modify games files but put all modded files in "mods" folder use by the official mod manager.

    This mod manager work like mine but with a better syntax?
  8. yquinox

    yquinox Member

    Iam not good in programming stuff - this work do my friend. I thik, that you made your mod in Python, this is in Ruby and instead of *json we use *yaml files.

    It works simmilar (need to define "old text" and "new text") but with difference, that I can replace 30-40 or more lines in one block, in format like in original file, called e.g. "pikeman". After new patch I find in "output.txt" file, if "pikeman" was found and replaced or wasnt. There is also posibility to add comments, which is important for me for making mod more readable. But for now there is no GUI.
  9. Lieutenant-Général

    Lieutenant-Général Active Member


    I understand that json format isn't very easy to use (@yquinox ;) ) so now you can use ".c3m" files :
    Warning : you can't use "option" files
    Warning : ".c3m" haven't any debug tools, be careful!

    EDIT : I removed the link, i forget to fix critical bug to this version... I will post correction later.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  10. Lieutenant-Général

    Lieutenant-Général Active Member

    New version upload!
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  11. Lieutenant-Général

    Lieutenant-Général Active Member


    Now, c3mm work like a mod. The program paste all modified files in "mods/c3mm" folder, so you have to activate "c3mm" in official mod manager.
    With this upgrade, you can:
    >Use both official and unofficial mods
    >Share unofficial mods compatible with official manager : you have to install only your mod (with unofficial mod manager) and share content of "mods/c3mm" folder. (but you have to change name of folder, of course)

    Before use 1.4.6, please delete "cossacks3/c3mm" folder and check your game cache integrity!
  12. Ebel

    Ebel Moderator Staff Member

    @Lieutenant-Général Right, haven't *really* used this so far, cause I've been waiting for it to mature a bit and certainly wasn't fan of the .json format. Willing to give it a try though, so here's my question: How do I add an entire folder with new files at once without having to type out every filename. I noticed my mod is over 1500 files so far, often many are in the same folder. Having to specify each file is just too much work. Can you make it so that if you point to a new folder it adds everything in it?

    Looking for something like

    @add data\materials\env\newfolder\*

    rather then having to do
    @ data\materials\env\newfolder\file1.ext
    @ data\materials\env\newfolder\file2.ext

    Does that make sense to you?
  13. Lieutenant-Général

    Lieutenant-Général Active Member

    -Some code enhancement
    -Add "@add_folder" command
    -Add "@add_all_file_of" or "@afo" command
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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  14. Lieutenant-Général

    Lieutenant-Général Active Member

  15. The mod manager appears in the Game start menu with an asterisk against it and the mods don't seem to work. The Graphic mods from the steam workshop work OK. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. A. Soldier

    A. Soldier Active Member

    Keep in mind these were pre-Workshop mods on here, anything that's on here and not on the workshop probably needs to be modified and updated in order to work with the most up to date version of the game, that's why.
  17. Thank you for your response. Much appreciated.
  18. Why cant open any mod in mod manager today?
    Yesterday no problem.
  19. OK now, sorry!!
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