Update on Mac & Linux release dates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ferox, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    It was irony... It was complaining that game should be released much earlier (29 March), but it is not.
  2. (OC)Fotheringill

    (OC)Fotheringill Active Member

    I have grown a full length mountain man beard waiting for the release.
  3. Unick

    Unick Member

    My beard is like a Gandalf.
  4. just-boris

    just-boris New Member

    Seems like there is something missing between steps 6 and 7. Could anybody able to launch the beta?

    I entered the code, but Steam still says "game is to available on your platform".
  5. Unick

    Unick Member

    Unfortunately beta is not ready yet.
  6. alex14

    alex14 New Member

    Devs, how is your beta linux? When it come out?
  7. alex14

    alex14 New Member

    Devs, take the motivation
  8. MakeBetaGreatAgain

    MakeBetaGreatAgain New Member

    We want LInux Beta!!!! The people have spoken
  9. Unick

    Unick Member

    Will Linux and Mac beta build available before new DLC? Why i asked: I bought cossaks3 few months ago, but i cannot play. I have only mac machine. I hope my money will help GSC to finish Mac version. But i see, what i only help to him to release new and new DLCs. Should i request my money back, because there is no Mac version in nearest future?
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
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  10. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, I have the same problem. At the beginning I played on virtual machine, but it wasn't comfortable, so after some period of time I stopped playing. I am waiting for mac version too.
  11. ney

    ney New Member

    I'm wait too...
    When they said:" The game will be released in open beta for Mac", for me Beta=bugs, and I know i'll not have fun to play.
    So I wait for the official release on mac before buy it...

    I know the dev's have lot of works and i understand that it takes time but I have just one simply question to dev's:

    " Can you tell us when the game released officially on Mac ? Or, if not, can you tell us an estimate (numbers of weeks or months) please ?"

    Thanks :)
  12. alex14

    alex14 New Member

    What's new about linux version?
  13. [PR]Ernest

    [PR]Ernest Moderator Staff Member

    Nothing new, I hope it will be done to the end of May, because we will have polish cossacks 3 league...
  14. beefon

    beefon New Member

    Any update?!
  15. Tom

    Tom New Member

    I assume we won't be seeing a release at the end of May then
  16. beefon

    beefon New Member

    You won't see the release by the end of the world.
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  17. Unick

    Unick Member

  18. magecoerlin

    magecoerlin New Member

    Goodness, what a quaint time when we thought the game would release in March. Ha!
  19. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    The dev team is mostly working on bugfixes right now. I would know because as a modder i report bugs quite often
  20. magecoerlin

    magecoerlin New Member

    A modder on mac?
    Are they working on bug fixes for a mac release. If not, I'm not totally sure I get the connection you're making :/
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