Update on Mac & Linux release dates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ferox, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Im saying they are busy keeping their game stable. Personally i wouldnt bother porting to a different platform when most of my time has to be put into making the game even run on the platform its currently on.

    There are several bugs i know that are yet to be fixed and until then a mac release is unlikely because they simply have bigger priorities.

    Its a bit stupid but if you paid attention you wouldve noticed that release Cossacks 3 was VERY bugridden
  2. magecoerlin

    magecoerlin New Member

    It's not that they haven't released that's frustrating. It's the constant lying about it. They've never once put out a statement saying that they have sidelined a mac release. They've always made it sound like it'll be coming just around the corner. I understand a couple of those times, like after they shipped, they delayed a mac release by two weeks, because they realized how broken the game was. Totally understandable. Even not meeting that deadline, chill. Fixing bugs is hugely time consuming.

    But they then go on to promise a release in March, get to the day of supposed release, to then saying, actually it'll be another two weeks. And when that day came, nothing. The story then shifted in July to one about there being a Mac beta in progress, but not a single person has said they are in said beta, they have not proven such a thing is happening, and also, it's been four months of that. There's no reason to just say nothing unless it just absolutely failed and didn't happen, or happened badly. If that's the case, and there may never be a mac version, or it's on the backburner and delayed indefinitely, just suck it up and tell us so we can move on. It really sucks to come back here hopeful, over and over again, to be burned by how little they seem to care through their bs PR talk.

    The argument for fixing bugs and making a stable game is, like I said, entirely reasonable if it weren't for one thing. They released on another platform in June. And nothing of my understanding seems to indicate porting to Linux is easier than to Mac, and likely has a smaller profit margin because many fewer people use it. Which is honestly just confounding from a business perspective unless there is something I do not understand, which there may very well be. That still doesn't change the lying that has been going on since the game was in development. They may have meant well at first, but when you promise something for over a year and don't deliver on it, it's sort of scummy.

    So honestly, I don't blame anyone on Windows who prioritizes the bug fixing. It makes sense because the game is already there, you paid for it, you deserve a good product. All I'm asking is for some empathy when a developer so entirely pidgeonholes some of their fans, even if it be a small minority.
  3. Wralth

    Wralth Active Member

    Yeah i guess the linux release was kinda out of left field.

    Idk man, i just make content for the game.
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