Who love 5000 10pt option like me? Come here :)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Warren, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    Hi guys! Anyone love playing 5000 with 10 min peace time in Cossacks 3? Yeah, I know that many of You love this option [​IMG]:)

    Friday, 19:00 European Time. 1 day tournament: R-liga. Single Elimination. Bo1. Don't be scared, join us and fight for the glory! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Registration here: http://en.rliga.com/register.php

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  2. Warren

    Warren Active Member

    The question is... what is the R-Liga? (Rush Liga or Rest Liga)

    R-Liga - is oldest tournament which is played in one day. It existed from 2006.

    Each week, at an assigned time masters and newbies together meet in the server to test themselves, and find out who really is the best. Who is side is lady luck going to be on this time?

    The tournament will be played in the most popular options on the internet: 1000, 5000 0-20 minutes of peace time.

    Main rules of tournament:

    1. The Tournament will be in Olympic format: one day a week, during one evening. The exact time will be decided by the tournament administration for each head-to-head tournament separately (no later then one week before the beginning).

    2. The optimal number of participants is 8-64.

    3. To be on a server 15-20 minutes prior to the appointed term, and at once to inform on the presence to administrators of league, having sent them the message «ready».

    4. All games will be played on the offical server. Players should be on a server not later than for 10 minutes prior to the beginning of tournament.

    5. Each game must be uploaded on tournament site.
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